Martin Storey Pure Wool Worsted Knit Along 2016 Stage 3

Martin Storey Pure Wool Worsted Knit Along 2016 Stage 3


This free square design is the stage 3 pattern for the ‘Textured Tree Square’ from our Martin Storey Pure Wool Worsted Knit Along 2016. Designed by Martin Storey, it uses the beautiful Pure Wool Superwash Worsted yarn (100% superwash wool).

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If you're a beginner knitter, then help is at hand, click the links below for some video tutorials that may help you with this week's design:

Casting on
Casting off
The Knit stitch
The Purl stitch
Yarn Forward
Sl 1, K2tog, Psso
How to measure your tension
Slip knot
Sewing in ends
Which is the right and which is the wrong side?

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To view the translated Dutch version click here

To view the translated French version click here

To download the chart at a larger size click here

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