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Doctor prescribes knitting as physical therapy

Knitting marathon unites Cambridge community

Knitting is well known for its relaxation benefits, however it was the physical exercise of clicking the needles together which one doctor saw promise in.

McCal Roberts, from Bermuda, told The Royal Gazette that he suffered an injury to his hand while in a restaurant kitchen, when an industrial-s... read more

Knitting group donate clothing to Leicester children's ward

Knitting group donate clothing to Leicester children's ward (iStockPhoto)

A local knitting group has taken to fundraising in order to help Leicester communities.

The Oakham Knit and Natter Club have been hard at work recently creating a range of cosy little pieces of clothing for a children's ward at Leicester General Hospital.

More than 50 items have been handmade fro... read more

Brit crochets Coca-cola and Campbell soup tins

Brit crochets Coca-Cola and Campbell soup tins

Modern art may be traditionally perceived as involving a canvas, some splodges of paint and perhaps a photograph or two.

But one woman from Brighton has brought a whole new material to the movement, preferring crochet hooks and yarn to paintbrushes and acrylics.

Kate Jenkins has taken inspiration... read more

Mothers' Union knits balaclavas for Afghanistan troops

Mothers' Union knits balaclavas for Afghanistan troops (Thinkstock/Stocktrek)

A Mothers' Union from Doncaster has come up with a crafty way to help troops keep warm while serving in Afghanistan.

Cawthorne Mothers' Union has chosen to hand knit dozens of open-faced balaclavas for the Coldstream Guards, Barnsley Chronicle reports, allowing the soldiers to slide them under th... read more

Crocheters drape 150-ft scarf in downtown Detroit

Great-grandad shows knitting not just for girls (iStockPhoto)

A group of crocheters drew attention to the craft this weekend in the best way they know how, by hanging a giant 150-ft handmade scarf in downtown Detroit.

The Happy Hookers club draped the creation around Passo di Danza, a statue which heralds the entrance of One Woodward Avenue in the city cent... read more

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