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Barge retraces 200-year-old wool journey

Barge retraces 200-year-old wool journey

A barge filled with bales of wool is preparing to retrace a 200-year-old trade route.

Travelling from Liverpool to Saltaire it will re-enact the wool transportation journey, eventually reaching its destination on October 11th, the Yorkshire Evening Post reports.

The trip began back on August 15... read more

'Try loose-fit items' for maternity knitwear

'Try loose-fit items' for maternity knitwear (Thinkstock)

When expecting a baby, this is often a great excuse to practice your knitting, trying out baby clothes patterns or making tiny blankets.

But if you've got pretty crafty friends and family, chances are your home will quickly fill with booties and crocheted bonnets.

Pregnancy can also be a brilli... read more

Marks & Spencer hosts live knitting installation

Marks & Spencer hosts live knitting installation

Knitters up and down the country will be preparing to celebrate this month's Wool Week, a time when we can unite in our love of all things knitted and purled.

Desperate not to be left behind Marks & Spencer is also getting involved in the action by hosting a live knitting installation in their Ma... read more

Aspiring fashion designer wins wool competition

Hellen van Rees designs dresses from leftover yarn (thinkstock)

An aspiring fashion designer has won the chance to have one of her knitwear creations sold in Harvey Nichols after winning a wool contest.

Tegan Kersey from Branston's jumper design is to be made available in the prestigious department store after finishing first in The Campaign for Wool competit... read more

Knitwear designer unveils maternity projects

Knitted breasts donated to neonatal unit (Thinkstock)

A knitwear designer from Jersey City, US, is preparing to unveil her new selection of maternity projects for expectant-mums.

With nine months of waiting on the cards, having plenty of knitting patterns at the ready could be a great use of your time, while also helping you get a little more prepar... read more

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