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Norway prepares for live knitathon programme

Great-grandad shows knitting not just for girls (iStockPhoto)

Norwegian craft fans can look forward to an evening-long knitathon on their TV screens next month.

This is all part of the country's latest trend for 'Slow TV', which has seen them offer programming such as a fireplace burning for 12 hours and 130 hours of a cruise ship sailing live.

NRK, Norway'... read more

Worthing gets yarnbombing treatment

Giant knitted book to be displayed during Poetry and Book Week

With winter on the horizon and the weather decidedly miserable, many places in the UK could do with brightening up. Hanging baskets and floral displays may not be appropriate at this time of year - but there are still plenty of other options to inject some colour into your local area!

One group i... read more

Major retailers prepare for Wool Week 2014

Girl scout knits for homeless community (iStockphoto)

Wool Week is preparing for a triumphant return to our calendar and organisers are predicting that this year could see the largest celebration of natural fibre yet.

Taking place from October 14th to 20th, major retailers from around the country are taking part in the event and creating special edi... read more

Kendal Wool Gathering prepares for kickoff

Kendal Wool Gathering prepares for kickoff (istockphoto)

This weekend sees Kendal Wool Gathering take over Cumbria with its exciting mix of activities, demonstrations and crafty displays.

It offers the perfect prelude to National Wool Week and gives locals and tourists alike the chance to celebrate the cloth on which the town's wealth and trade history... read more

Wool fashions appealing to 'international market'

Colorado group volunteers to knit clothes for community (Thinkstock)

Look back through many countries' heritage and you will notice that the wool trade has had quite an impact, whether it's for making clothes or bedding, this is an industry with a lot of history.

In Europe in particular the love of woollen garments has continued to present day, so much so that the... read more

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