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Woman speaks of the day her knitting made up a flash mob

Woman speaks of the day her knitting made up a flash mob

A self-confessed knitting addict has been speaking about the unbelievable day when her woolly creations became the stars of a flash mob - and ended up becoming a YouTube sensation.

Loes Veenstra, 79, lives in Rotterdam and has been knitting in her home on the same street since 1955, the Daily Tel... read more

Knitting group creates woolly zoo

The Twelve Days of Christmas has been given a makeover -

Zoo trips can often involve seeing some woolly animals - but not as much as a visit to a knitted menagerie created in Paignton, Devon.

A group of 30 zoo volunteers have been knitting away to create The Twelve Animal Days of Christmas Trail at Paignton Zoo since February, producing no less than 78... read more

Crafter unveils knitted tribute to iconic building

Scottish friends create famous faces in wool

One of the most famous buildings in Rochdale has been recreated - in wool.

A replica of the 31 Toad Lane premises - the birthplace of the Co-operative movement in 1844 - has been painstakingly knitted together by Gillian Lonergan, head of heritage resources at the Co-operative Heritage Trust, whi... read more

Crafter speaks of love of knitting for needy children

A knitter loves making teddies to send to Malawi.

A keen crafter from Angus in Scotland has spoken about how much pleasure it gives her to knit toys for needy children in Africa.

Grace Lownie, who is a nonagenarian, has been stitching little teddies with scarves to send to Malawi for more than a decade - and she has notched up an astonishing 1,0... read more

Knitting before bed is relaxing - just ask Katy Perry!

Why not try ditching technology in favour of knitting before bedtime

If you regularly find yourself tossing and turning in bed, unable to switch off and get to sleep, then you might want to leave your technology at the door and pick up some knitting needles and colourful yarn instead.

Katy Perry has strongly recommended knitting and crocheting instead of browsing ... read more

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