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Dallas yarn bombers decorate historic space

Dallas yarn bombers decorate historic space

Despite its growing popularity over the past few years, residents in Dallas, US are only just waking up to yarn bombing.

But with much ground to make up, the Dallas Yarn Bombers have decided to do something big.

Between now and April 27th visitors to the historic Dallas Heritage Village will find... read more

Knitting 'offers relief from Parkinson's Disease'

Mulberry 'hires grandmas to hand knit designs'

Knitting is often credited with having therapeutic benefits, and one woman from New Zealand claims that it also helps her to cope with Parkinson's Disease.

Thelma Parkinson, an 88-year-old from Te Aroha, Waikato, told that she had been knitting for more than 80 years and after being d... read more

Yarn strand unravels archaeological find

St Mungo's asks Reading residents to knit woolly hats

The discovery of one tiny piece of wool in an archaeological dig in Maryport may have unlocked an important piece of history.

According to the Times & Star, the scrap of yarn was found at Camp Farm last summer and has led to the unearthing of what appears to be a Christian church.

Dating back to ... read more

Birmingham woman 'knits for Susan Boyle'

Birmingham woman 'knits for Susan Boyle'

A woman from Birmingham has relayed the surprising moment she was asked to knit for Susan Boyle.

Barbara Jones is a seamstress and a dab hand with sewing and knitting needles, but she's certainly not used to making garments for celebrities.

However, when film crews arrived in Broadway to shoot an... read more

Pennsylvania knitters embrace dog fur

Pennsylvania knitters embrace dog fur

Knitters in Pennsylvania are increasingly using dog fur within their crocheting, weaving and craft work.

This is according to Wendy Ellis, owner of Lancaster Yarn Shop in Intercourse, Pennsylvania, who told Lancaster Online that many people were trying out this traditional fibre.

More commonly us... read more

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