March 2014 News Archive

Dee Hardwicke's Design Intarsia workshop

Dee Hardwicke's Design Intarsia workshop

Dee Hardwicke's latest 'Design Intarsia' Rowan workshop at the magnificent department store Liberty, London was a huge success this last weekend.

Dee is a ceramic artist who takes inspiration from the natural world. Using her designs and in collaboration with Rowan Yarns, she has created "Little ... read more

Maltese woman doesn't let blindness get in the way of knitting

107-year-old celebrates birthday by knitting

A woman who went blind at a young age has been speaking of how she has not let her disability get in the way of one of her life's biggest passions - knitting.

Bridget Micallef, 45 and from the Mediterranean island of Malta, lost her sight after contracting an eye infection as a child, but was kee... read more

Crocheted quilt proves sentimental value of family heirlooms

Hellen van Rees designs dresses from leftover yarn (thinkstock)

A crocheted quilt has hit the headlines in Cambridgeshire, 58 years after it was originally completed.

The beautiful white blanket is featured in the Fenland Citizen alongside its current owner, Yvonne Smith. It has a fascinating story, having been started by her grandmother Phoebe Rolfe shortly ... read more

Charity calls for knitter to make jumpers for penguins

Knitters are being urged to make jumpers for penguins

A leading charity has made an unusual plea to amateur and professional knitters by urging them to make jumpers intended for penguins.

The Penguin Foundation has called out to people all over the world to donate the miniature garments in an effort to help birds that are in rehab after being harmed... read more

Knitting group makes dolls for adopted children

Girl scout knits for homeless community (iStockphoto)

A knitting group from a library in Bournemouth has come up with a novel way of helping adopted children come to terms with the process of going to a new home.

Social services in the area have recognised that some children - especially younger ones who are up for adoption - often struggle to under... read more

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