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Simple summer crochet projects

Knitting to make classroom comeback (Thinkstock)

Summer may not be the ideal time to sit down and knit jumpers, but there are plenty more seasonal items you can make yourself if you have a little spare time.

If you've recently began crocheting then now is a great time to hone those crafty skills and try your hand at a few simple projects.

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Knitters create historical representation of Knole

Knitters create historical representation of Knole

There are few projects out there too challenging for ambitious knitters, from yarnbombing extravaganzas to intricate collages and enormous figures.

This week keen knitters in Kent have been entering their best creations into a competition as part of the Festival of Archaeology.

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Yarnbombing brings together Redcar community

St Mungo's asks Reading residents to knit woolly hats

Yarnbombing is a trend that shows no signs of waning, with communities around the world being brought together via the medium of woollen graffiti.

While it is often the reserve of local knitting groups, it is now also being used by school children as a way to improve their creative skills and at ... read more

German men lead crochet revival

War veteran reveals new passion for crochet (thinkstock)

The stereotypes surrounding people who enjoying knitting and crocheting are rapidly changing, with stories emerging daily of younger people and men embracing these crafts.

Around the world it seems that people can't get enough of yarncrafts and are keen to not only use these as fun hobbies, but a... read more

Dr takes up knitting to aid relaxation

Dallas yarn bombers decorate historic space

Anyone who has ever sat down on the couch with their knitting project after a tough day at work will be able to attest to its therapeutic nature.

Unwinding with a ball of yarn and your needles helps you to relax and focus your brain on something practical and also creative, making it a great hobb... read more

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