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Ottawa grannies crochet chain-link fences

Knitting to make classroom comeback (Thinkstock)

Yarnbombing is a brilliant way to brighten up your local community, whether it be dressing up trees in the park or wrapping colourful scarves around lampposts.

One knitting group in Ottawa has taken it upon themselves to help beautify chain-link fences across local parks with the help of crochet ... read more

Cramlington knitters 'banned from library' by council

Yarn bombers weave woolly magic in Northern Ireland

Knitting groups are often seen as a key feature of a community, meeting in public spaces to encourage socialising and the spread of crafty pursuits.

But one club in Cramlington, Northumberland has found that, despite three years of charitable work, they are being banned from holding their weekly ... read more

Scottish knitters making hats for charity

Town attempts record breaking needles and crochet hook (Thinkstock)

Intrepid knitters from the Scottish city of Brechin are to spin into existence some tiny hats for charity.

It is all for the Big Knit campaign from Innocent Smoothies and Age UK, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

This year is therefore extra special and everyone involved is keen to make... read more

Crocheter crafts bird nest for stricken chicks

Crocheter crafts bird nest for stricken chicks (istockphoto)

Yarnbombing is usually used as a form of decoration, brightening up public spaces and injecting a little creativity into the local community.

More fun than functional, its main purpose is usually to make areas look more appealing or amusing.

However, there are ways in which you can use knitting a... read more

80-year-old man knits caps for cancer patients

Tunisian crochet lessons intrigue Yorkshire crafters (iStockphoto)

Upon retiring many men choose to concentrate on hobbies such as watching sports, travelling or getting their garden in order.
However, one man from the US has turned his hand to knitting and despite only taking up the craft recently he has already become prolific at completing patterns for char... read more

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