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WI members 'can't donate knitted village due to health and safety fears'

Winchcombe hit by yarnbombing (Comstock)

Knitting for a good cause is a popular pastime for many community groups and craft societies, however it is important to do your research first in order to ensure everything goes to plan.

Tired of making knitted hats, scarves and blankets, the ladies of Sidford's Women's Institute decided to atte... read more

Knitter makes hats for premature babies

Knitted breasts donated to neonatal unit (Thinkstock)

When knitting for charitable causes premature baby wards are always grateful to receive extra woollen clothing to help keep the infants warm.

It can be difficult to find clothing which is the right size to fit these babies, so having smaller hats, booties and cardigans available can be an invalua... read more

What links crochet and rock 'n' roll music?

What links crochet and rock 'n' roll music?

Knitting and crocheting are unlikely, yet surprisingly popular hobbies, for many celebrities, with stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Sharon Osbourne among the most prominent craft fans.

American rock duo Deap Vally have revealed this week that they too enjoy crocheting.

Speaking to,... read more

Father Ted star 'knits to ease pain of rejection'

Father Ted star 'knits to ease pain of rejection' (Getty)

Former Father Ted actress Pauline McLynn has praised the therapeutic benefits of knitting in helping ease stress in her professional life.

The Irish actress and comedian, who was best known for portraying the iconic character of Mrs Doyle in the hit TV show, revealed to the Evening Herald that sh... read more

Guests get knitting on Come Dine With Me

Guests get knitting on Come Dine With Me (istockphoto)

Come Dine With Me is one of the nation's favourite reality TV shows, depicting a group of strangers hosting dinner parties for one another and rating each night in secret.

The meals are legendary and the entertainment ideas are often more than a little unusual, making the show a real must-see for... read more

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