Knitting group makes dolls for adopted children

Girl scout knits for homeless community (iStockphoto)

A knitting group from a library in Bournemouth has come up with a novel way of helping adopted children come to terms with the process of going to a new home.

Social services in the area have recognised that some children - especially younger ones who are up for adoption - often struggle to understand why they have been put in such a situation.

However, using knitted dolls to explain through a friendly and non-threatening way can provide them with the peace of mind needed to go through the rest of their lives without disruption, reports the Bournemouth Echo.

The group comes from Southbourne Library and has been attended by a dedicated selection of local crocheters for a number of years.

However, after being inspired by the ordeals that some children have to go through during the adoption process, the group contacted the local council to pledge its support.

One of those who was most grateful for the donation is David Raffaele, who is a representative from Bournemouth adoption services. 

He said: "Children can often become confused and not know exactly what is happening so we came up with the idea of using dolls to explain things to children in a very child-friendly way.

"This is a great way for adoption services and libraries to work together. It demonstrates that the library is not just a place to borrow books but can benefit the community in lots of different ways."

Mr Raffaele went on to say that it is not only in a roleplay context that the dolls can help children who are in need. Bournemouth adoption services are always on the look out for soft and knitted toys that can be given to young children.

Any budding knitters who would like to contribute to Bournemouth adoption service - or any other for that matter - are urged to focus on the use of colourful yarn and a wide range of different characters. A great idea is to try and produce replicas of popular children's characters from TV, books or film.

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