Nicholas Hoult 'was addicted to knitting'

Nicholas Hoult 'was addicted to knitting'

Nicholas Hoult is best known as a rising British star in the world of acting, however, he harbours a secret passion for all things crafty.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the 23-year-old, who is best known for portraying the lead character in About a Boy and Tony Stonem in the first two series of Skins, admitted that he became so addicted to his knitting needles he found them very difficult to put down.

"It was a slippery slope and I was lucky to get out," he joked. "But I sense I may well return to it in the future. Yep, I was obsessed with knitting for a while, properly into it."

With such a busy schedule at present, it is unlikely that Nicholas has time to devote to his knitting, so perhaps he will have to wait until he has a break from filming to go back to his beloved pastime.

The Jack the Giant Slayer actor credits growing up in a female-centric household for his appreciation of crafty hobbies.

His airline pilot father was away for much of the time and his older brother left home when Nicholas was only nine.

He was then left with his two sisters and his mother, who went on to teach him how to knit one purl one, helping him to foster an unlikely interest in making things out of yarn.

However, after splitting from his girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence earlier this year, and a raft of work commitments, he hasn't been able to devote much time to knitting.
Nicholas told the publication that he's currently enjoying travelling among the perks of being a rising star.

"I just potter about really. I live out of a suitcase, and I go wherever the work is. You can run around and pretend to be someone else, and make a good living from it. You meet cool people and you travel. This is a ridiculous job," he said.

Nicholas can next be seen on screen in Jack the Giant Slayer, which is released in UK cinemas on March 22nd.

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