Olek yarnbombs train with colourful crochet

Olek yarnbombs train with colourful crochet (Getty)

If you've ever witnessed a yarnbombing then you will have no doubt seen colourful reams of yarn draped across public spaces, with knitted decorations and crocheted segments brightening up the area.

Designed to make an impact, this trend is sweeping the world, with community groups and installation artists keen to outdo each other in making the biggest, brightest and most impressive display of outdoor yarncrafts.

In her largest yarnbombing to date, Polish artist Olek has spent two days covering a train with colourful crochet patterns in the city of Lodz.

The artwork, which has been named Deadly Romance, is set to stay on display until August 19th, and shows an entire locomotive covered in yarn.

Olek, whose real name is Agata Oleksiak, has wrapped woollen patches and prints around a full-scale Px48 steam locomotive engine and carriages, and believes this is her largest example of guerrilla crocheting.

Largely using her signature neon pink colours, the design features sections of purple, blue, green, yellow and orange, all with a vibrant and exotic camouflage pattern.

The entire structure took two days to cover, with four assistants helping the artist brave the rain and cold to complete it.

Olek explained that the work pays tribute to the famous Polish poet Julian Tuwim, whose well-known poem The Locomotive is extremely popular in the country and is being celebrated this year.

She told Mail Online that as the poem was one of the first things that she had to memorise and is so well-loved in the country it felt right to be able to honour it with her latest street installation.

Olek said: "It's nice to come back to Poland to be able to create such a powerful piece… I had the best crew ever. They worked as hard as I always do. I called this train 'Deadly Romance' as I love it, but it almost killed me."

This may be the largest project the artist has attempted, however she has also made many other installations, including full body 'wearable sculptures' and enormous crocheted fruit.

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