Paris Fashion Week showcases new knitwear

Knitting is becoming a fashionable pastime, says Lisa Bliss

Paris Fashion Week's current spring-summer 2013 runway shows are focusing on a range of fabrics, most notably, knitwear.

No longer the preserve of the older generations and babies, designers have been quick to show how wool can be used to create everyday on-trend pieces, as well as innovative haute couture items.

Le Moine Tricote is leading this focus on knitwear fashion, producing a funky spring-summer show in central Paris this week.

Speaking to the Associated Press, designer Alice Lemoine discussed how she began with two 12mm knitting needles, a ball of wool and no clear-cut ideas about what clothes to make.

Talking backstage she said: "It's like automatic writing. I just let the needles lead and I make all sorts of different shapes and panels.

"I then just fuse it together; not exactly patchwork, but the same process."

Within her woollen collection she displayed architectural themes, with 14 soft, open knit looks using creative spirals, polygons and geometric shapes to give the show a really unique feel.

Ms Lemoine went on to explain how she prefers to give freedom to the natural weight of wool, letting it hang loose, rather than constricting it using harsh edging.

This effect was noticeable in her grey and camel-coloured column dress, which was one of the more muted options against her refreshing palette of sky blue, pear, beige, white and navy.

But it wasn't all wool in Ms Lemoine's collections, as she also used knitted silk alongside delicate and floaty organza undergarments, adding some eccentricity and variation to her unique selection of textures and shapes.

Earlier this month knitwear was also the focus of Milan Fashion Week, with Vogue holding an event to celebrate woollen-wear and Emporio Armani giving its spring-summer designs a youthful and knitted theme.

This included plenty of layering, using fluid knitwear juxtaposed against silk tops and jackets.

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