Politician donates wife's extensive textiles collection

Cambridge guerrilla knitter strikes again (Thinkstock)

After losing his wife earlier this year a leading liberal democrat politician from the north-east has chosen to keep her memory alive by donating her enormous collection of fabric and wool.

Chris Foote Wood's late wife Frances had amassed a variety of knitting materials, such as wool, needles and patterns, as well as reams of fabric and thread.

But rather than selling the items he has donated more than two cars full of textiles to the West Auckland Women's Institute, the Northern Echo reports.

The materials are now going to be used to be make an enormous banner using a traditional technique of knitting known as punch needle threading, in order to create a tapestry style design.

Ms Foote Wood passed away in May after an 18 month battle with cancer and during her life she was a seamstress before becoming a teacher and later regional secretary for the Liberal Party.

Speaking to the newspaper, Mr Foote Wood said: "I'm very pleased all of her wool and sewing patterns are going to a good home and will be used to create something permanent."

As well as making the banner, blankets have been made from the wool, with surplus material going back into the local community. This will enable even more people to benefit from the craft supplies.

If you have excess wool and patterns which you are no longer using then rather than hanging on to them in a drawer you could donate them to your local WI, community centre or craft groups.

Charity knitting projects will always be grateful to receive extra wool and materials, or perhaps you could start your own - using leftover yarns to create patchwork blankets, scarves and hats for those less fortunate.

These could then be given to homeless shelters, care homes or animal rescue centres in the community, or donated abroad.

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