Damselfly - Can not seem to get pattern right

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Hi there 

I have been trying for months, with endless amounts of test pieces and I can not seem to get the pattern correct through out.

Not sure if I am reading pattern/diagram correctly.  The yfwd, yon and yfrn don't seems to make sense with the stitches that happen after these. 

For example, rows 1,5,7, & 9 read as (how i am reading it) P, K2tog, Yfwd, P.  I was of the understanding that Yfwd happened before and after a K??

From the look of my test pieces the lace work/holes seems to be too big.

I have attached a photo of a test piece I have just completed, the first 20 rows seem to be ok, then from there on in it doesnt look right.  My main area of concern is rows 10 & 11, from photos on the website , there shouldnt be a hole.  Please look at the second lot of 20 rows/pattern.  (to be honest, I m not sure how I got the first pattern right, and I can not replicate it again for the life of me!!)

Please help... I am determined to finish this pattern! 

Thank you..

Hi again

I thought i would try a few more things.  In my first post I am assuming the RS is a purl (as this is the RS in the final product).  I have also tried the RS as a knit, I am still unable to get the pattern correct! but doing the pattern this way make more sense with the yfwd & yo etc.

I'd appreciate any help.