Need help with Scout (julia frank, in rowan mag 51)

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Hi, I can't seem to find anywhere to search the forums, so i don't know if this is answered somewhere else, or even if i'm asking in the right place, but i need help! So...

I just wanted to check what other people have done in terms of increasing in the side seams of scout:

a) when increasing in the first and last stitch of every row, i'm doing a purl or knit through front and back of loop. This isn't my usual method of increase, but i took a guess. What have other people used for making a stitch so close to the edge?

b) The eight row repeat that sets the pattern says to increase 1 stitch at each end, then later in the pattern it says to increase each end of next 25 rows, then some other inc's at regular intervals (sorry, don't have it in front of me). Does that mean I ignore the increases it says in the initial 8 row repeat instructions, and only do them as set by the pattern later? Surely it's not trying to increase twice at the beg and end of each row? 


Sorry, usually i'd guess or fudge, but despite knitting for 20 years i have never met a pattern with holes/yo/lace that i haven't ended up frogging! So i'm a little low on confidence. :) 

Help! pretty please...