Pattern Question on Frost "Tarnish" shrug

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I'm halfway into this medium size shrug and am not sure about how to read the pattern.  I'm just finished the 8th row (last center increase)  of the 18 row pattern and at 172 stitches indicated for size medium.  It now calls to work 12 rows, ending with pattern Row 1 and WS facing for next row.  Even if I went ahead and finished rows 9-18 of the pattern it would only get me 10 rows, not the 12 called for and I would have to add the 2 additional K rows to start the pattern over and then I would be looking at RS not WS.   It says to maintain stripe pattern throughout but the row count doesn't seem to jive with the instruction.  Just want to get the front opening edge to be the same on both sides.   What am I missing?  Thanks for your help.