Ronaldsay - Lisa Richardson Magazine 52, page 154 Sleeves

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Pat Taylor
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Dear Sir/Madam
I am nearly pulling my hair out – I am an experienced knitter and cannot get the sleeve pattern right. The design is Ronaldsay in Wool Cotton by Lisa Richardson on page 13/pattern pg 153. The whole experience of this design has not been an enjoyable journey as your editor hoped. I bought the book in Australia while on holiday and the yarns at Sunspun. The colours in the magazine do not look anything like the actual yarn colours which I loved so bought for $180AUD. I sussed out the back pattern, then tried the sleeve pattern – the nightmare started. I have knitted and unpulled so many times – putting it away – starting again. I’ve read the pattern note so many times – out loud too. Even got a magnifier out on the coloured picture – but nothing makes sense. Surely there must be a printing error or something.
This is the first time in sixty years of knitting that I have been stumped and it does not make me feeling great at all.
So I need help and soon as I intended to wear the garment this winter.
Yours faithfully
Pat Taylor
I have many of your books as I love to read them and have knitted from them many times too.