Brandon Mably

Brandon Mably

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Brandon Mably freely admits that he was a total disaster at school and found it difficult to settle to one hobby or interest as a child. However his love of colour and design always remained a constant throughout his young life and he has vivid memories of the pink plastic needles he used during knitting lessons at school.

After following a career in catering it was a chance meeting with Kaffe Fassett at a London bus stop that became a pivotal moment in Brandon’s working life. Kaffe invited Brandon to visit his design studio, intrigued Brandon went along for a look. “As soon as I walked in I knew it felt right. I loved the colour and the creativity”. Brandon started spending all his free time in the studio and eventually was fortunate enough to be given a job there.

Brandon soon discovered he had a natural flare for designing and an instinct for working with colour. Brandon’s first solo knitting book was ‘Brilliant Knits’, followed in 2006 by ‘Knitting Colour’. Brandon regularly contributes to Rowan magazines and has many dedicated followers. Brandon is an inspirational and enthusiastic workshop tutor who teaches and lectures all over the world. His passion for the craft of knitting and for combining colours shines out -

“I love showing how colours harmonise, how much you need to tickle a shade to bring the picture to life. But above all - how to look, look really well at something”.