Lisa Richardson

Lisa Richardson

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Popular knitwear designer Lisa Richardson is a name instantly associated with the Rowan pattern house. Lisa joined Rowan in 2003, and, after years of turning her hand to many different roles and tasks as part of the design process, is now a celebrated and well established designer in her own right.

Inspired by shape and texture, Lisa’s designs showcase interesting stitch details, unique garment structure and stylish techniques with a classically understated, yet innovative brilliance which is reflected in the global status she now commands.

In addition to Lisa’s designer role, she also manages the pattern editing process and mentors newer members of the design team, whilst managing to squeeze in time to enjoy running, climbing, biking, swimming, cooking, dancing and reading.

Lisa admits to leading a very busy day-to-day existence, but cites her biggest drive as helping people create something that they will cherish for years to come, demonstrating why she is so integral to the Rowan design process.