Rowan Purelife

Rowan Purelife

About Purelife

This is our range of Yarns with the environment in mind.
The Yarns are either; straight from British sheep and undyed, or made from recycled fibres, either way they’re responsibly sourced and kind to the environment.

Our Yarns

British Sheep Breeds Chunky Undyed

An annually renewable natural resource, the wool is shorn and blended from classic British sheep breeds: Bluefaced Leicester, Black Welsh, Jacob, Suffolk, Shetland, Dark Grey Welsh and Masham. Spun into beautiful un-dyed shades and with its natural lanolin maintained, our British Sheep Breeds Chunky is perfect for rugged outerwear designs.

British Sheep Breeds Bouclé

Available in the softest Bluefaced Leicester Ecru wool, or tones of Masham, this lovely sumptuous and comforting yarn adds a warm and cosy feel to the Purelife British Sheep Breeds range.

British Sheep Breeds Fine Bouclé
An extension to our popular British Sheep Breeds range and is a lightweight textured yarn that gives a natural and fine textured knitted fabric.

Our wonderful tweed effect, fully recycled summer yarn. It has a beautiful rusticity.