Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller

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Sharon Miller trained as a school teacher and taught at infant level for 9 years. However in 1986, after the birth of her son, Sharon decided to take her career in a different direction and started to produce her own knitting designs.

Sharon has always been interested in textile history and especially the area she calls ‘heirloom knitting’. After a move to Devon in 1986 Sharon began to amass a collection of traditional needlecraft books, including many which focussed on the history of handicrafts. Through her collection Sharon discovered the tradition of fine lace knitwear – sometimes known as white knitting - and decided to have a go at putting her own designs together.

Sharon started by applying modern technology to this heirloom craft and began to experiment with the possibilities of charting antique Shetland lace designs making them easier to understand and make.  
To achieve and enhance the stitch effects Sharon uses very fine threads and yarns. Thus it was the introduction of Kidsilk Haze into the Rowan range in 2001 which acted as the catalyst for her Rowan design work.

Sharon’s designs have proved incredibly popular over the past few years. Her designs such as Birch and River are gossamer fine and incredibly beautiful, they reward a knitter’s patience and are perfect pieces to be passed through the generations, becoming true family heirlooms.