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Rowan Subscription

Rowan Subscription

Join and receive: 2 x Rowan Magazines with printed newsletters, exclusive members gift, 10% discount on Rowan UK weekend workshops, 5% discount on all participating UK workshops.

Rowan Subscription

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What is Rowan Subscription?

If you want to receive your Rowan magazines delivered direct to your door, Rowan Subscription is the club for you.

Already have a Row@n membership? Login to Row@n before taking out Rowan Subscription, and the accounts will be linked automatically. 

In your annual subscription you will receive the following great benefits:

  • 2 x Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazines
  • 2 x Rowan Subscription Newsletters
  • Members exclusive pattern collection
  • Exclusive gift
  • 10% discount on Rowan UK weekend workshops
  • 5% discount on all participating UK workshops
  • Manage your account online
  • Purchase back issues of our magazines

All this for *£25
*Postal charges apply as follows: UK £5.00 • USA £10.00 • Europe £10.00 • Rest of the World £20.00.
Postage includes 2 annual magazine packages and a free gift package.

Did you know you can now purchase Rowan Subscription as a gift for someone special in your life, who also loves to knit?