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Fairisle and Steeking, Tutor - Vicki Walker, Date - 16th October 2014, Location - The Kniting Parlour, Gt Malvern, UK

Knitted and Beaded Edges, Tutor - Vicki Walker, Date - 14th October 2014, Location - Oxford Yarn Store, Oxford, UK

Associated Patterns: Greta
Associated Publications: Rowan Finest

Addendum - Unfortunately an error has occurred with Greta from the brochure Rowan Finest. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Ever wanted your own colour in Kidsilk Haze? Now you can!
From now until 31st October Rowan will run a competition to create your own shade in its bestselling yarn Kidsilk Haze.
Kidsilk Haze becomes a teenager (13 years old in Autumn 2014), all
Rowan fans are invited to create their very own shade. Send in a
picture of the colour you would like us to replicate, including the
background story and suggested shade name.

Crocheting Christmas, Tutor - Anna Nikipirowicz, Date - 5th November 2014, Location - John Lewis, Watford, UK

Professional Finishing (short day), Tutor - Anna Nikipirowicz, Date - 30th October 2014, Location - John Lewis, Watford, UK

Learn to Crochet (Short Day), Tutor - Anna Nikipirowicz, Date - 22nd October 2014, Location - John Lewis,Watford, UK

DPN and cable knitting, Tutor - Anna Nikipirowicz, Date - 9th October 2014, Location - John Lewis, Watford, UK